7 Lessons We Learn From Failure

Never expect everything to work out for you at your first try. It is an attempt. And it is meant to build you and make you stronger. Yes it is so easy for you to lose strength and fire to keep on going because disappointments are terrifying! So much hopes, so much desire, so much invested resources, so much you thought would work out but you were simply disappointed.

Failure is nothing but a feedback. A response for you to go back, improve or to chart a new path for your destination.

No one said accepting such negative feedback would be easy. But it is worth something. It is only dependent on how you see or swallow such response.

In my career and personal life I have always had high hopes and beliefs, thinking that my talent and desire was enough. But talent and desire is never enough. You need consistent action as well. You have to keep digging and keep searching. Because at the end of the day, this is why we are here – with every negative feedback we are meant to probe further and keep seeking. We are meant to distinguish ourselves from the pack by adapting and renewing our efforts.

Never let your mistakes define your destination. You will always have task at hand that will rebuild your confidence and your strength. It will teach you how to remain calm and find inner peace even as you continue your journey to reaching your goals.

It is okay to fear. It is okay to be hurt. But it is never okay to accept defeat. It is never okay to throw in the towel and submit to failure. Because in every failure, there is always knowledge, there is always experience that will serve as the light to push you on.

Here are seven things you learn from not getting it right at your first try.

You learn perseverance

You learn why you need to stay the whole nine yards. You learn that the toughest people are those who distinguish themselves and excel at the end of the day.

You learn who you are

You learn how much you can take and not take. You know how courageous and fearless you can be. You discover your strengths and weaknesses. Such information and knowledge will help you as you undertake future challenges.

You learn will-power

Disappointment and taking that first shot gives you a tough skin so you can deal with future disappointments. You become more resolute in always going after those things you want.

You value what you attain

Putting in the work and facing the tribulations or disappointments makes you appreciate those things that matter and what you have attained from your persistent efforts. You don’t look back but are more assured of the persistence that pays.

You learn patterns

You understand the essence of those things around you. as they say, no knowledge is ever lost. You can thus build on this knowledge and discover new paths to a never ending journey.

You retain confidence

Trust me there is more confidence in trying than not trying. When you make an attempt at a task you find answers that you may never have known previously. You can be confident enough to continue trudging to unknown paths.

You can push yourself

We all do not know how much we have within. We are blessed with unlimited potential, only if we task ourselves to do more and be more.

There is nothing you gain when you sit still and procrastinate. You have to take the needed action to meet your desires and get those things you want. Even if you fail, you will learn to work better and be better.