This is How to Feel Good About Yourself Without Being Lost On Instagram

In a world of so many pictures, I cannot hide my smile neither can I hide my frown. I’ve used up all my expressions and that sucks; but looking at the flip side, it’s gotten so easy to say that I love you when all I do is hate you.

In a world of Gucci bags and Chanel purses, there is really nothing much to show, no one ever cares if that’s all you can afford, if It’s not glittery and fancy.  Just forget it, you would just be making a fool of yourself.

In a world of eye liners, eye lashes and lipsticks, a world of fleek eye brows and long human hair, there is a standard for every picture. There are only two options; be perfect or face persecution

The world as we knew it no longer exist, it is now a huge runway for the exhibition of designer clothes. We no longer show love, we only show off.

No one cares how it’s gotten; it’s all about the likes and the comments. Humans have become nothing more than an endless advertisement.

‘You gotta love me but if you can’t love me please have pity on me.’’

“Please like my picture or I may end up hating myself”.

The truth is you may get the attention you seek but not all of it is real because all you ever did was beg for it.

In a world full of fakes and less originality, no one believes in the real anymore, it’s long been forgotten.

In this entire hullabaloo about big tits and big asses, I cannot fix myself anywhere. I am uncertain of where I belong. No matter how artificial I get, I cannot change the real me.

I’m sorry I don’t have a flawless skin and my eye lashes do not reach my eye brows, well… can I still post a picture on my timeline without feeling absolutely stupid?

I do not know how to be a different person just to be admired by people I don’t even know. I may not have the best fabrics or the best designer clothes; neither do I have the latest pumps. All I have is decency, but it’s a pity how stale and unacceptable that has become.

I do not have a fairy tale love story. I am not in love with the hunkiest male celebrity. I have never gone on a romantic vacation to the Bahamas neither do I have a diamond ring on my finger as a sign of his undying love for me.

Can I still say I’m in love when I have no proof? Can I still be proud of him among my peers? It’s like everybody has reached the set standard on Instagram. I’m the only one who has been left behind.

I do not have a wealthy family, but they are still the best people in the whole world. We do not go on expensive family vacations but they still do all they can to show me that I’m appreciated. Since when did that stop being enough?

I do not have an iPhone with all the filters that can transform me into a beauty queen. I may not attend the best events in the world. I am not famous but I’m still breathing.

I do not own porch cars and my house is not located on the best landscapes. I may not wake up to the most amazing views outside my window but the sun still shines on me.

In a world where I am not allowed to build my self-esteem on my terms, it’s become really hard to be myself.  I am forced into a competition I know nothing about.

I am just a girl lost in the world of Instagram.