Top 5 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

We live in a time and age where heartbreak happens consistently. And even the strongest relationships out there aren’t as strong as they seem to most of us. In times like these, whether it is your husband or your wife, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, unless they love you like the air they breathe, five to ten years or more into the relationship they are going to cheat on you at some point. The only thing you can do is be prepared for the worst. To make sure that you are prepared and when push comes to shove, here are signs that everything you cared for are about blow to shreds.

They Treat You Differently

They become crabby and moody, snapping at you out of the blue. They could also wake you up in the morning with a tray of your favorite breakfast foods all ready. Well then this might not always portend something good. Things like these happen to be the first of many signs that your partner might be cheating on you. More often than not, spouses who are cheating on their other half tend to do these types of things in order to compensate the guilt they feel inside for cheating on the ones they are in a relationship with. Therefore, if your partner is being romantic for no apparent reasons, you should be on alert for what is actually going on.

They act strange

If your spouse is acting oddly and being completely the opposite of what they usually are, then it should definitely serve as an indicator of something gone wrong. It can be something as simple as a change in hairstyle from the one they have been spotting for years to a change in the style of clothing they wear to getting gifts like perfumes, watches and purses/wallets from mysterious friends that you have never heard of before. And then there is definitely trouble in your paradise.

Being Elusive or Secretive

While some partners may resort to excessive giving and surprises, others might become moody and broody. If you recognize a change in their appetite or if they suddenly stop talking or saying goodbye to whomever they were talking to on the phone a moment ago, there is another sign your spouse is cheating on you.

They start going out more often

Is your partner more interested in that Thursday poker night with his buddies rather than staying in and spending their time with you and your kids? Is his week worth of business trips extending to the weekend as well? Has he taken a new interest in playing tennis? Has he joined a book club suddenly when he never used to be interested in reading? Well, to all those who know how to put two and two together, all the fore-stated examples are sure shot signs that your partner of many years is cheating on you.

They have made new Friends

Does your very attentive husband have a new friend who calls him in the wee hours of the night? Has he taken in going bowling with his new friend on Friday night? Does your husband seem more immersed in chatting with his new friend from the gym than focusing on activities in the house? Such instances may be ample reason to let you know that something is up with your other half and your life might not be as perfect as it seems to be.

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