3 Signs He is About to Leave You and Move On

I know you feel horrible right now. The thoughts going through your head cannot be sorted out in a million years.

You’ve cried and the pillows on your bed can also fill your hurt. Your heart was his and so was your head. There was no difference, it didn’t matter, and you had no reason to panic. You were safe from the world and its troubles as long as you stayed in his arms and he in yours.

All that has changed now. It’s gotten really cold in summer and it’s totally helpless. He was the only one who changed the weather and now he is gone.

You were his friend for years but you both knew that what you shared went beyond friendship. He told you everything, with you there were no secrets and you did the same for him.

At the beginning, your voice was all he wanted to hear, he would call every morning just to remind you of how you brighten his world, at noon, just to show how much he missed you and every night just to sleep with the sound of your voice in his ears.

Suddenly your phone has stopped ringing; he would only call late in evening or even go silent for days with no apology just a truck load of excuses.

We all get busy you thought, there is no need to jump to conclusions, he will get better. But he never did.

You called his attention a couple times yet he didn’t improve. So you decided to call more and text more, but he would never return your call or reply your text.

Right now you are probably wondering if you are being too hard on him. Maybe he would be with you if you are more patient. If you called more and texted more, maybe, just maybe he would come around.

Sometimes it’s so hard to come to terms with reality, but it’s even harder to live in denial. You need to stop being so hard on yourself.

The truth is sweetheart, if he wants to talk to you, he would. He stopped talking to you because he wanted to. If you had done something wrong, he would have told you.

There is absolutely nothing you can say to a man to make him stay when his mind is made up on leaving.

Let him go.

You were always together. You would shut the world out at any time without a second thought just to be with each other. All of a sudden his job became more demanding and even when you both plan dates to make up for lost time, he never shows up. When he does, he is always late, passive and absent.

He won’t say it to your face but he’s telling you in someway that he has lost interest.

His priorities have simply changed and keeping him would just cause you more pain.

Love is effortless; if you have to force it then it’s not worth it.

He could tell your mood from the sound of your voice, he knew when you were upset, just having a stressful day and when you were just having girlish mood swings. He would always go the extra mile just to make sure you were comfortable even when he was not with you.

Now he is right in front you, but he can’t hear a word you are saying, he is looking at you but he can’t see how hurt you are.

That’s because he is distracted, he cannot pay attention anymore.

There was no wrong too big to be forgiven. He was the one you could count on when you were at your worst. He tolerated your ugly side without a frown. You were always flawless no matter what.

Now he gets angry at every slight mistake and shows no appreciation, even when you make an effort to please him.

It’s better to be alone than in an unhappy relationship.

You deserve so much better Honey, do not settle for anything less than the man of your dreams. If he loves you he will stay.