How to Reduce the Stress In Your Life In 9 Easy Steps

We all like a stress-free life. We want to be at ease with our spirits and face the future with hope and optimism. Stress can be an important factor to our existence. However it is up to us to minimize our stress levels.

Know your stressors

Know what puts you in a stress mode. You can keep a diary or record of any happenings that put you in a stressful situation. By doing this you will be able to avoid stressful situations and develop better coping mechanisms.

Set boundaries

There is so much we want to do at once. We accommodate so many activities that we become fatigued and stressed when we fail to deliver or cannot meet certain expectations. It is better to set boundaries and learn to say no to unimportant requests. By saying no you can de-clutter your life and focus on what is important and will keep you energized.

Get enough sleep

Not having enough sleep can awaken your stressors. While some may see this as a yardstick to take medications, it is better for you to relax before you sleep. You can take a warm bath or spend time engaging in a light read. This could keep your mind relaxed before you sleep.

You should also go to bed about the same time daily and turn this into a routine.

Practice relaxation techniques

There are many relaxation techniques that have been tried and tested such as mindfulness and self-hypnosis. While it may take time for you to practice these techniques and get accustomed to them, understand that it can be worth a try.

Talk to someone

Sharing your challenges or problems with someone has a way of reducing our stress. This technique distracts you from stressful thoughts and offers you the opportunity to release some of the built in tension. There are several people you can discuss with; it could be a trusted friend, a colleague or a trained professional.

Experience gratitude

We start entertaining stressful thoughts when we focus on the things that are not working in our lives. This is why we have to learn to think positively and appreciate the things that make our world a delight. You can have a journal where you write down your thoughts on a matter or things you are grateful for.

Accept responsibility

As humans we are meant to adapt and thrive. Sometimes what you need to get over stress is to focus on solutions rather than problems. Accept responsibility and take charge of the situation. Focus on how you can deal with the problem rather than offer excuses. Certainly there will be options available to you in solving a problem. Look into these solutions and pick the one that will be suitable for you.

Manage your time

We can be overwhelmed with so many activities and things to do that we become stressed. The best way we can deal with this is to manage our time properly. Not everything is important. Even if they are important are they urgent? It is important to prioritize and discard activities that will not propel us to our goals. Sometimes you may need to delegate certain activities to take charge of your time.


Learn to indulge in a physical activity if you want to reduce your stress. During stressful situations the stress hormones in your body increases. Thus one way you can fight stress is to engage in a physical activity that metabolizes the excess stress hormones in your body. Going for a walk could restore your body and calm your mind. Make exercise a daily routine and you can reduce the stress in your life.