7 Absolute Ways To Embrace a Simpler Life

What does it mean to embrace a simpler life? It means seeking more out of those things you have and getting out the excesses. To embrace a simpler life means you want to focus on happiness and pleasantness. It is not about acquiring more, but appreciating the wonderful life you already have. While some prefer going on and chasing after many non-essentials or what the media keeps luring them to purchase, you are willing to dedicate your life to finding more out of less.

Here are 7 absolute ways to embrace a simpler life.

Read, but selectively

Books have a lot of power and knowledge in them. However the question you need to ask yourself is, do you need to read everything out there? It is always better for you to read fewer books. But rather than overwhelm yourself with so many amazing titles available, focus on not only reading these books, but putting the knowledge into action or reflecting on the insights each book has provided you with.

Buy less

Yes what you buy may be what you want but not what you need. Most things we purchase could simply be obsessions or what we are coerced to buy. The truth is that you could need much less than what you want to fill your home with. Rather than buy new stuffs, why don’t you take the time to appreciate the things you already have instead.

Streamline your wardrobe

Streamlining your wardrobe means you are willing to get rid of those clothes than don’t fit or work for you. A smaller wardrobe can be more fashionable and fun. It could also save you more money, time and energy when you decide to simplify your wardrobe.

Commit less

You have to learn to do less if you want to get more out of your relationships. Committing to many activities could mean you are doing so much and not taking time to enjoy the activities that will make you more productive and joyful. Certain engagements or commitments could simply be a burn out for you. You should learn to focus on how beneficial an activity could be for you at the long run. Saying no or setting boundaries could be ideal for you if you want to simply your life and making the most of your time.


That bigger office or apartment could mean more time and money on maintenance. Yes we all want to live in comfort, but does this mean a bigger space? Even a small space can provide you comfort. You don’t need to consume yourself with all that cleaning and maintenance when you downsize.

Spending time with your self

Another way to de-clutter your mind and appreciate your being is to spend more time with yourself. There are a lot of relaxation techniques like mindfulness and meditation that could prove vital to increasing your clarity and identifying what is important in your life. Simplicity of mind is the first step to having a more relaxed and enjoyable life, and this you can achieve by spending more time with yourself.

Spending less time on social media

Rather than spend time comparing yourself with others, you can spend such time on personal development. A lot has been said on how damaging it can be on your self-esteem when you spend so much time on social media. While social media can have its pros, it is always important to be in touch with yourself rather than embrace a media channel that is addictive. Not spending so much time on social media reduces the engagement you have to spend with abstract characters and affords you the time to either invest in yourself or in quality relationships around you.