This Is What Happens When You Learn to Fall in Love With Yourself

Falling in love with yourself could be blissful. That is if you learn to understand the dynamics and appreciate the intent of falling in love with who you are. I have always been an advocate of loving oneself before going ahead to love another person.

The truth is that humans could be lonely creatures. We think falling in love with someone else is protective, warm and interesting. We want the excitement of companionship and consider it a reason to have that sense of belonging.

But for a minute, consider the possibility of being in love with yourself.

You are distinct

You are unique and somehow you tend to find and appreciate that uniqueness. You are more open to seeing the world from only your eyes rather than from the eyes of another person. It is all about what interests you and makes you more profound.

You are conscious

Perhaps I should say you are more self-confident. You are not a risk-taker, but somehow you appreciate your being. You value the essence of why you are here. And suddenly you want to get lost in that whirlwind of discovering who you are. It is a joy to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and seeing how that fits into the whole big picture.

You are more grateful

You experience gratitude because you know why you love yourself and what important things you have in your world. You value your relationships and the essence of your being.

You are willing to take one step at a time

You are not in a rush to get things done or working so hard to please another person. There becomes pleasure in the moments rather than in future expectations.

You understand the phases and stages of life

You know that growth is a process. You are willing to slow down, chill and savor the experiences that life would dish out to you. Rather than jump or dive into the next stage, you are willing to grow into it. This becomes the beauty of finding every point you are in to be relevant.

You can embrace yourself

Yes you are not perfect. But you do not take yourself too seriously without taking a pause to breathe. You would make mistakes. But you do not consume yourself about these mistakes. You would rather embrace who you are and tolerate your failures and shortcomings. At the end of the day, you appreciate and can embrace your flaws the same way with your strengths.

You can listen to your guts

There is that inner instinct of doing what will serve you best after all. Listening to your guts gives you strength over your own will and direction in the face of obstacles.

You can be your own harshest critic

You can stare at the mirror and know what applies and what doesn’t. you can deal with those things you can tolerate and those things you cannot. There is always a reason to evaluate our actions and decisions, and perhaps falling in love with yourself provides you with that opportunity.

You can be free

Perhaps it is in the choices you make and doing what is pleasant for you. There is a special kind of freedom you experience when you fall in love with yourself.

You find peace

You find contentment and satisfaction with loving yourself. You are not blaming or expecting anything from anyone. Rather you are finding joy and peace in those things you do. You are enjoying your own company and basing your actions on your principles. Yes you find peace and a serenity that you may never have with loving someone else.