What You Need to Know About the Special Person Who Came Into Your World and Never Leaves

Just the other day I reached out to an old lover, someone who I deeply admired but could never sustain a relationship with. And in that instance I found out that I still had feelings for her. I was still vulnerable to her presence which made me ask questions and critically examine the situation or moments I had with her.

There is always that special person who comes into our world but never leaves. They leave a big impact whether positive or negative that sort of continually attracts us to them. Call it chemistry or divinity or whatever explanation you can give to it, there is always that attachment that works magic on us. It is not wrong or awful, and it is tumultuous trying to fight it. Rather than fight it why don’t you try to perceive the answers and know what it means to always be in love with that special person.

There is always a familiar territory

With that special person who came into your world and never leaves there is always a familiar territory, something that you both shared that keeps on making you feel close to each other. Rather than despise the other person, you have a silent envy over the special experiences that you once shared.

There is never an end

The words or the emotions do not end. It is nature. You may want to probe into the subject, but there is something unending or dragging about it. While you may have stopped contacting or lost touch with each other, there is never an end to the way it all felt. You want to bring back the days, you want to bring back the nights, you want to rewrite the past or try to solidify something that you really never had a hold on to.

It is something you cannot explain

I once asked a lady why she was crazy about me, why she stuck to me. She told me it was because of the mystery. And may be that mystery is what attaches us to the special person in our world. There are those desires you cannot explain, there are those moments you cannot define, there are those fantasies that you wished were real, and there are those looks they gave to you or you gave to them that sticks forever.

It is something you wished stayed

Perhaps if the person had stayed you would have answered the mysteries. You would have replied to the questions. You would have not wondered “what if.” You would have simply stuck through it all. And endured to make what you wished for become a reality. And this yearning has a way of never forgiving us, of kidnapping us and making us a victim of our own emotions and imprisoning us forever.

They never left in the first place

The best type of love is that one you hold on to in your heart even long after the other person is unseen. It is that one that turns into a scar and grips you for eternity. The special person never leaves if you don’t want them to. No matter how hard you try they simply stay. They stay because they awakened a part of you that you never knew existed. It was surreal for a time, but it was you willing to bring realities to bear. You were willing to face the comedies and tragedies because that special person who came into your world and never leaves defined what you had always desired. They had always been there even if you never knew or admitted to it. But the truth is that they never say goodbye, they simply remain your companion for a lifetime.