8 Types of People Who’ll Never Make You Successful

You want to be successful? Then you need to avoid some people on the way up. This people do not have your interest at heart but are hell bent on dragging you down no matter how hard and high you climb. If you cannot avoid these toxic types of people then you have no business being successful.

The victim

The victim believes that the world is out to get him/her. They believe they cannot do any wrong and that they have always been wronged. They do not want to accept responsibility rather they are always looking for ways to be the one who is faulted. The victim is great at making excuses and making you look at a problem from only one angle. You would have a tough ride to success with such people around you.

The liar

The liar distorts every fact. Even when it looks good, they exaggerate it. Everything the liar spits out from his/her mouth is meant to thrill and engage you. They think they are smart and want to always keep you astray and listening. Run away from the liar if you want to be successful.

The die-hard pessimist

While we need to face reality every now and then, the pessimist doesn’t make you simply see reality, they let you know reality is working against you. The diehard pessimist is negative. Rather than see the doughnut, they focus on the hole. How will you be successful with such negative people around you?

The needy person

Yes it is good to help people around you and give them the courage or support that would see them grow. But the needy person wants everything and is not willing to give anything to your relationship. The needy person is more of a parasite than a friend. Focus on relationships that go back and forth if you want to be successful.

The narcissist

The narcissist has an inflated ego. They want to know the spotlight is always on them and you should be in the background. You simply cannot take their shine because they feel you can never be good enough. The narcissist will always be against you to become a success since this may not be in their best interest after all.

The perfectionist

The perfectionist doesn’t want to miss the details. It is either excellent or it is not worth trying. While this can be a good quality in a world that focuses on excellence, the eye for it the perfectionist has can be a distortion for you taking the first step. Sometimes you just need to try rather than wait for the perfect moment. Success is not for procrastinators or those who take life too seriously. Such will only leave you disappointed, frustrated and fatigued. It is best for you to focus on starting and improving along the way.

The Loquat

The loquat has so much to say but rarely gets things done. They are inefficient at the end of the day because they are talking so much and providing no authentic results. The loquat can be a rumor monger, a gossip and a backstabber because they are seeking for so much attention without paying attention to the work they need to do.

The charlatan

The charlatan is similar to the loquat, only that the charlatan probes further on a mission to make everyone aware of him/her. They are always singing praises for themselves and distorting truths to make you notice their effort. The thing is that the charlatan has nothing to offer you when it comes to success. Yes we all need a fake-it-to-make it mentality, however the charlatan rarely obeys this principle as they focus on showing off rather than achieve goals.