10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try to Please Anyone but Yourself

What do you define as happiness? What truly matters to you? What do you want out of life?

Sometimes what you need most isn’t the opinion of others; that is if you really want to be happy and achieve those goals you desire. You have to learn to look at the bigger picture rather than the pleasures you gain from pleasing certain people in your life.

Learn to please yourself rather than others. And here are 10 reasons why.

You can own your world

You become responsible. And you show that you are capable of making your decisions and doing what serves you in the long term. You are not feeble but you can show strength by owning your world and not following the crowd or popular opinion.

You determine what you are after

You can answer why you really want something. You are not trying to please someone out of cowardice, but you are courageous enough to go out there to seek answers. You show that you are making a choice, one that serves your interest.

You can follow your gut and win

We all have an inner instinct that guides us. Following your guts could be a compass to helping you succeed. Yes you can listen to what others have to say, but it remains up to you make those decisions that will affect your happiness. And following your guts could be what makes you a winner after all.

You can lead

How can you lead others when you cannot lead yourself? Pleasing others mean you are allowing the opinion and thoughts of others to lead your life. However leadership should be about knowing what should be done and setting that example for others to follow.

You can define a path

You can explain to the world why and how you want to reach a goal. You know why should be on a path and are clear about what you want from it. You are not afraid or hesitant because you are certain about outcomes and what you are after.

You don’t blame others

You have no reason to fault others if things don’t work out the way you planned it to. Rather you can show responsibility and desire in the process. You are not worried about outcomes, because it was up to you after all to succeed or to fail.

You can learn

Yes you may mistake or not. But pleasing others doesn’t show you are willing to take a risk and learn from a mistake. However, pleasing yourself shows you are prepared to learn and follow a path that may be corrected or not. You can edge forward because you are willing to prove a point to yourself and to others.

You value your thoughts

You appreciate your thoughts and value your perspective on life. You are willing to establish those thoughts in actions. You have your confidence and self-esteem. You are not torn by the perceptions of others. Rather you are solidified by your stance and reasons to go at a task or goal.

You are happy

There is a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you aim for something. It is more satisfying when you are not faulted on the premise that you couldn’t face a challenge and handle matters your way. Rather you are secured and safe that you were able to show the world what you can create.

You are the best person to look out for yourself

No one can look out for your interest better than you. You are your own best protector and best buddy. No one can define or do what is right for you better than you. You should be responsible for your choices and happiness because you will do what is best for you after all.