11 Reasons You Should Stop Embracing Second Chances

Second chances offer a leeway to fix things, to make amends or to improve on what is. Second chances offer you a second perspective or angle to a matter. However, sometimes even a second chance doesn’t turn out for the best. Second chances although being preached by the media and religious organizations may not lead you to the freedom you deserve. And here is why.

When you heal, you heal

You heal when you heal. Why go through a particular scenario again simply because you were not satisfied with outcomes and the process. Healing should not give way to another injury, rather it should make you prepared for a whole new experience.

You stop living in the past

Trying to go back to the past may not help your cause of living a fulfilled life. Sometimes what you need is to move on. Yes you can forgive, but trying to relive a period through a second chance doesn’t signal growth or the willingness to face the future. There really is nothing in the past to hold on to. Second chances take you backward rather than forward.

You don’t appreciate your inner strength

Yes it takes inner strength to give another shot and try again at something that never worked in the past, however you can only lean on the possibilities and know how strong you are when you learn to let go. Letting go helps you value your inner strength and know why you did what you had to do.

You can forgive

There is something about forgiveness; it guides you to newer paths. And forgiveness is not genuine when you keep on repeating a process. True forgiveness starts from knowing what you are up against and having the will to persist towards unknown territories.

You invite new possibilities

You learn from what is and look ahead to what will be. You invite new possibilities by treading on new paths and taking on new opportunities. You simply want a whole new experience. You don’t want to get stuck or hold on to a particular event or thing. You want to try out for something new and discover what can be.

You know you can’t change everything

There are a lot of things that are not in our control. And for some, while they try to fight and fix something that is messed up, they only become victims of change. To be a master of change, you have to learn to thrive, adapt and understand that change hovers over us. We can only be willing to meet the future when we are willing to accept universal laws and principles. That change is constant and there are things that are not within our control.

You know what is

Every mistake or missed opportunity is a learning experience. You can know what is and assess matters. You can discover what went wrong and grow from that. It is all about trying and knowing. It is not about trying and regretting. It is about seeing what may have.

You find a melting point

You find a point where you can stop creating a fuss about everything. Because the truth is you cannot fix everything or make them right. It makes you understand such limitations and appreciate what is.

You will meet another chance

Another chance is not a second chance. You will meet something worthwhile in the future where you can truly right your wrongs. And it doesn’t have to be a repeat of the past but an encounter with possibilities.

You are assured

You meet enlightenment and expose yourself to higher thoughts. You embrace truth and discover what matters.

You embrace the journey

You accept that life is a journey and a sequence of events. You do not fight what the universe has for you. Rather you embrace the journey and walk in strides to meet your fortunes the same way you have let go of disappointment.