8 Reasons You Are Hurting In a Relationship

A relationship is meant to complement and strengthen. In fact it is meant to make you happy and make you recognize a part of you that you never knew existed. It should bring the best out of you and make you a better person. But not all relationships serve us for the best. Sometimes it simply doesn’t work out the way we want. It makes us disappointed, frustrated and bewildered if it doesn’t meet our expectations after all. Certain factors could make you hurting in a relationship. And here are 8 of them.

You are not appreciated

The other person doesn’t see you for your best possible self. Rather your partner focuses on your flaws and magnifies them. Instead of appreciating you for what you bring into the relationship, they concentrate on things you are not doing right for the relationship.

You are not trusted

It is hurting when you are not dealt with honestly. Openness is hallmark to the growth of any relationship. There has to be open communication that makes trust and honesty. If you are not trusted or honestly dealt with you feel hurt and cold.

You are not getting the best of your partner

Your partner treats you the same way they treat everyone else. Rather than show special attention or treat you with a different kind of love, they give you the same thing they are giving everyone else. You should be special and treated with love optimally by your partner.

You feel guilty in the relationship

Yes you will make mistakes in the relationship. It is okay for you to embrace imperfection, learn from your errors and use this as a stepping stone to become a better person for the other person. You shouldn’t feel guilty in a relationship because of the wrongs you have made. It is either you are forgiven or not by your partner. But the relationship can only be progressive and interesting when there is tolerance and your partner forgives you.

You don’t see the relationship going anywhere

There is no direction in the relationship. It is passive rather than active. We all love growth. When we don’t experience it, we will conclude that something is missing. When there is no growth you are bound to be hurt by it.

You feel left out

Yes the other person is making decisions and never involving you in them. Yes you feel left out and not a part of what actions they take. It is not like you are a team, rather you feel out of the picture of their lives. Every relationship means involvement and commitment. And you have to be part of the process of the other person’s growth.

You feel crushed

It could be by physical abuse, emotional neglect or constant harassment by the other person. You shouldn’t be dominated or powered in a relationship. You should be valued, understood and appreciated. And the other person should be able to step up to provide the emotional succor you need to thrive in the relationship. Your partner doesn’t have to hurt or abuse you. They simply need to acknowledge and find you to be their special one.

You are not smiling

Smiles are great. And every relationship needs some laughter and smiles. Perhaps it is the surprises that stuns and gives you a lifetime of memories or that the person can tell you a joke that makes you love them the more. Rather than smiles, when your relationship is frowns and solemnness it means you are bitter and hurting.


Yes no relationship is perfect. But there is just more we all can do to make our partners feel at ease and comforted in them. No one deserves a hurting relationship. We all deserve the best from our partners.