10 Things You Don’t Really Owe Anyone

You live a life of explanations, apologizing and telling others how sorry you are. You feel you owe others something simply because you want to be accepted and recognized by them. Well the bad news is that it doesn’t make you the sweetest guy/lady in the room. It simply betrays the reality that you have to show up strong and face the world with more courage. You have to deal with what is rather than try to play to the gallery. To be accepted needs no debts or apologies. You simply have to be authentic and be who you are. That is if you really want to be happy. Here are 10 things you really do not owe anyone.

You don’t owe anyone a positive response

Trust me if the word “No” is going to serve you better in the long run, by all means say it and stand by it. You really do not owe anyone a “Yes.” What you owe yourself is comfort and convenience when dealing with the world and yourself.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation about your beliefs

You don’t have to offer a meaning to anyone about your beliefs, values or principles. What works best for you, works best for you. Simple. There is no rationality in giving an explanation about your views. You are entitled to it and you owe no one an explanation about it.

You don’t owe anyone a reason for your relationships

You don’t owe anyone a reason for your current relationship status. No one should be bothered by or focused on who you hang out with or who your current lover is.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for what you spend your money on

Well your money belongs to you. How you spend it or what you spend it on should be a personal decision. If you want to invest in yourself or donate your money to charity, this should be an independent decision.

You don’t owe anyone your time

Your time may be your most precious asset. What you decide to spend your time should be up to you. You don’t owe it to anyone to offer your time to their projects. Perhaps it matters to some persons, but if your time is not used to get those things you desire, you don’t owe them an apology for not being there for them.

You don’t owe anyone a commitment

Yes you want to deliver as you have promised, perhaps others feel you owe this to them. But factors and circumstances change. If the commitment doesn’t serve to your benefit then it is not worth it trying to justify what others think about you.

You don’t owe any one person details about your life

In certain cases, perhaps you need to offer your personal details for career success. Such information could count. But this is occasional. In many cases telling another person your personal information just makes you vulnerable. It is better to use your personal details as your strength rather than making it public knowledge. You really don’t owe anyone such information anyways.

You don’t owe anyone a sense of identity

You don’t owe anyone a reason to dress, speak or act like them. Your identity belongs to you. You know what you are most comfortable in or what you are most comfortable doing. How you think and act should reflect what you truly believe in and not another person’s requirement of you.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your priorities

You don’t need anyone’s validation in going after those things you consider important. You don’t owe it to anyone to pursue or not to pursue the activities you cherish.

You don’t owe anyone any form of support

Whether financial, physical or any kind of support, you really don’t owe anyone support through their happiness journey at the cost of your personal happiness.