9 Signs You’re on Track to Become Who You Should Be

The 20s is a time we are evolving, maturing to become better and more successful versions of ourselves. It is a time we start improving our habits and replacing our old activities with new ones. Whether we are schooling or already have a job, the experience and lessons we have during this period is eternal.

Yet how do we know if we are on the right path towards success or not? How do we know we are taking the right steps towards becoming who we should be and living a life of purpose?

You have discovered what you are passionate about

You have known what excites and makes you happy, even for free you can undertake this activity. Following your passion is definitive and could make you become the success you should be.

You know who your friends are

There are friends who would support and be there for you during tough times. They see the person and potential in you. Yet there are those who simply want to have a taste of the good life with you. Rather than focus on your potential they are focused only on the laughs. You have been able to recognize those friends who matter and those you can rely on rather than those who are simply there for the jolly-ride.

You are focused

Beyond knowing what passion is you know what matters and what doesn’t. You are focused on reaching certain milestones in your life. You have started writing goals and working towards achieving these goals.

You are happy with the progress you are making

You are not comparing yourself with others but are satisfied with the progress you are making. Rather than look for shorter routes to success which can be devastating, you are willing to be consistent and stay on track to reaching your goals. You have solid self-esteem and appreciate the steps you are taking to reach your goals.

You have been able to forgive yourself and others

You are tolerant of people and know they will make mistakes. And you can deal with that. You can let go of the past rather than simply focus on failures and imperfections. You see the good in others rather than their flaws. And this aids better relationship with others.

You are positive

You are not living a life of worries and unnecessary anxiety. You are optimistic about the future and know that things will work out for the best. Living in fear can be upsetting and hold you back from reaching your goals. But you are courageous and certain that the future will work for your good after all.

You are responsible

You have stopped apportioning blames. You don’t point fingers at this or that. Rather you take responsibility for any actions you have taken or about to take. You know that you should be in control and the future is in your hands.

You have reached certain milestones

Yes there have been certain achievements you have made. It could be small but it is consistent. It could be that you have finished school and have your degree, it could be that you have gotten a job or you have earned a promotion or gotten yourself an apartment. You have attained certain milestones. And slowly but surely you are making the progress you want to make in life.

You have retained your values

Now you have something to stand for. You are not a victim of other people’s schemes. You have retained your values and principles as this offers you a foundation for the decisions you make. You have beliefs and knowledgeable enough not to be impulsive but be meticulous when it comes to making decisions. Your values are helpful in becoming a solid and purposeful person after all.