5 Things About Success They Will Never Teach You In School

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When you go to school, you expect to learn a lot. Unfortunately, though school doesn’t teach you everything. In fact it doesn’t teach you the important things you need to succeed. You learn through your travails on the job and from life’s experience. And what success truly means may not be general after all. It is up to you to perceive and comprehend it personally. Perhaps this is why we have self-made millionaires and billionaires who dropped out of college and high school.

To become successful requires more knowledge than what you’re thought in college anyways. Here are 5 things about success they’ll never teach you in school.

Success requires a lot of failures

In school the best student was the one who made fewer errors. But in the real world success is for those who make the most mistakes, fail, learn and improve on them. Success requires a lot of failures. According to former IBM CEO Thomas Watson, if you want to be successful you have to fail more.

Success is about taking risks

In school there is just one way things are done. Nothing else matters. You don’t have too many attempts so you simply have to follow a set pattern. On your road to success however you have to take a lot of risks, sometimes plunge into several ventures before you hit “gold.” If you want to be successful outside the academia you have to start learning to take more risks.

Success requires knowing a lot of things

There is no one size fits all for success. Imagine an Elon Musk who after co-founding Paypal proceeded to an entirely different territory and founded Tesla and Solar City. In school, studying law meant you become a lawyer, or studying medicine meant you become a doctor which means you had to be specific about what you are headed for. The truth however is that if you want to stay successful you have to learn to adapt and reposition yourself into unfamiliar territories every now and then.

Success is a journey not a destination

In school you simply have to finish the course before you received any honors. You don’t deviate, you don’t fail. It is a straightforward path or you’re out. But success is not about reaching the pinnacle; it is about enjoying the process, staying consistent and making the most of what you have to get what you want. It is a passion, it is a journey.

You are not trying to impress anyone but yourself

In school we were trying to impress the teachers, our parents, the hottest guys or girls, or our classmates. In school it is all about everyone noticing how brilliant or how smart you are. In the real world you do not impress anyone but yourself. There are cold nights when you are all alone practicing, strategizing, working hard because you feel good about showing up. Most times it’s not simply about the rewards, it is about believing in yourself and working hard to accomplish what you set out to do in the first place.

There is really no finish line

There is a finish line in school. In fact you have to graduate and get out. If you want to stay successful, you have to know that there is no finish line. You don’t get out of the journey. You keep on setting goals and working hard to reach them. You don’t stop, you don’t let go and suddenly call it quit. Simply because you love what you do, you know that you’ve to keep on attaining more milestones.


There is nothing wrong with getting a quality education. The school system enlightens you and prepares you for the world out there. Unfortunately it doesn’t give you everything you need. Once you’re out there you have to be willing to gain a different kind of knowledge and learn certain things conventional education may never teach you.