The One Action That Determines Your Happiness

A couple of days ago my book became available. The interesting twist to it is that the book has such keywords as Love, sex, and coffee. And you may wonder what all these has to do with your success or happiness. On our focus has always been to write and provide practical tips that will guide you to living a fulfilled life.

There are a lot of How to and strategies available on the internet. And yes you want to avail yourself to them all because you desire happiness. But one action that will certainly determine your success is to always to look inwards. Success or happiness is an inner thing. We have to push for it from within.

And perhaps that is why writing Where the deep ends meet- Love Sex and Coffee was a special accomplishment. It went beyond simply offering practical advice on how to be happy or become successful. It went beyond helping you find inner strength to thrive. It was about determining your happiness.

Where the deep ends meet – Love, sex and coffee focuses on how you can conquer your fears, discover your identity and gain ultimate inspiration to thrive. Our society needs people who can love themselves and understand what true love is about.

You cannot win or love someone else if you do not learn how to love yourself. It is only when you discover your uniqueness and importance to the big picture will you command the authority your world deserves. In Where the deep ends meet – love, sex and coffee you find answers to questions like:

How to identify your desires?


How to make the right decisions when loving?


How to be in control of your identity?


What role love has to play with your success?


How to truly get inspired and improve your spiritual wellness?


How to identify what really matters in your life?


And How making mistakes help you figure it all out?


Your happiness is not dependent on anyone but on you. And while you may be on the search for advice, you should understand that the best action you can take for your happiness is to find you. Your voice is important to reaching splendid moments.