9 Things You Want To Tell Your Ex But You May Never Have The Chance To

When you started your relationship, you thought things will work out great and for the best. Yet life never works out the way we planned. There is so much on our plate that could work out against us in a relationship. However as humans we always want to blame the other person for our failures or any disappointments we meet. Well here are 9 things you want to tell your ex but you may never have the chance to.

What goes around comes around

You want to remind them that whatever hurt they caused you will certainly come back to them. You want to let them know that karma is a b*tch, and it has a way of surfacing in our lives after we think it is all over with those we disappointed.

You cannot be happy without me

Well this one can be a hard statement if you ever utter it. But the truth is that while you wanted to please and satisfy them with every atom of love in you, your ex didn’t just get it. Perhaps they wanted something better or they felt you couldn’t just be the one for them. And yes you want to remind them that you would have been the best candidate for the job of making them happy. Unfortunately you can’t ascertain if this is true or not.

Can you just grow up?

Sometimes it is not about your intentions or motives, the other person was just not about to handle the relationship the right way. Perhaps they were not responsible or mature enough. Whatever reasons, you really desire that they grow up and stand up to the challenges life will bring when it comes to love.

Thank you for nothing

You want to take them for being a part of life and that they were part of your journey, but only that the “thank you” or appreciation for such importance in your world means nothing after all. This means that if you could erase the moment or the experience you had with them, you gladly would.

You are not special, you’re just a narcissist

At the end of the day, perhaps the relationship was just about them. And it was not about you or your feelings or what you desired for them. Yes, your ex wasn’t special, they were selfish and narcissistic.

I pity your next guy/girl

You’ve been so much with the tough times the relationship brought that you can’t even wish your ex well. You have to feel sorry for their next victim… sorry, for their next partner.

You’re not who I thought you were

Yes you thought they were great, that they would mean so much in your world, and that somewhere along the line they would make your world great. But unfortunately the relationship never met your expectation, but left you worse than you even were. So yes your assumptions were wrong and it was a misjudgment on your part.

You owe me a lot

Yes he/she owes you a lot. You have made them debtors because of the way they treated you. While you wanted something valuable yet they broke you and made your life empty. We want fulfilling relationships and not people who take more than they should give.

You need therapy

Well I had to save the best for the last. Sometimes someone in a relationship needs an expert. It is not always about the love you have to give. Perhaps what your ex needed was therapy and not more commitment on your part.


There are so many things we would love to say to our ex. But sometimes we just have to maintain a silence and focus on the so many wonderful possibilities ahead. Why look at the past?