5 Success Lessons From The Movie, The Revenant

With 12 nominations, including one for best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, you can say that the movie, The Revenant, had something to offer its esteemed audience. After seeing the movie, I must say that Leonardo Caprio starring as Hugh Glass gave a sterling performance. But more than a wonderful depiction of characters is a thrilling story that teaches you so much about success.

The Revenant is a movie that explains survival, endurance, pain and redemption. Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo Caprio) the protagonist in this thrilling movie is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by his own hunting team in an uncharted American wilderness. Yet he is able to navigate the hurdles, fight death and return home. Most of the elements portrayed in this movie are pivotal to anyone’s success in life. And that’s why this article digs deep and unleashes the 5 success lessons we can all learn from this movie.

As far as you breathe there is a winner in you

Yes we all fail. And this can be disappointing. It is so easy to throw in the towel and consider ourselves a failure after we fail to reach a goal. But the truth is that it is never over as far as there is life in you to keep fighting for those things you want.

Hugh Glass’ performance in the movie shows us that there was always more than a reason for him to consider he had reached the end of the tunnel, but he kept on going. He wanted something, and that desire kept pushing him to find a way out of his dilemma. Granted there are many factors that could be working against you to have you fail. Yet there will always be factors that will come to your aid if there is a willingness to fight for those things you want within you.

Your enemy is within

Most times the factors that work against our success are within. They are rarely without. With an injured leg and a scarred body, Hugh Glass fought his enemies within. He fought to regain health and to pass through an arduous terrain to getting those things he truly wanted.

There is always a way out

All roads are not doomed. All persons are not foes. All darkness is not fear. There is always a way out. Perhaps this is why you should be creative and always think outside the box.

With a bruised body, Hugh Glass had to be creative to find passage through rivers and hunting his meal. Undeterred he kept on going because somehow there was a way out. It was simply up to him to make and discover that way out.

Sometimes you cannot do it alone

Glass had to learn this lesson the hard way. Perhaps he felt he could go on a side mission without the assistance of his team and be successful. However this only led to a savage grizzly attack from a bear that could have taken his life. Yes we may feel that we are capable to succeed on our own and ignore the support of those whose assistance would prove valuable to our goals. But this can be a fatal mistake for us if we fail to acknowledge that there is strength in numbers.

Success is about endurance

Nothing great comes accidentally or out of the blue. The central theme of the movie The Revenant was endurance. Glass had to endure and remain consistent to reach home. Endurance was the key word for him since he had no other option if he wanted to survive. There was no second-guessing or retreating, he simply had to endure.

Sometimes what truly matters for success is endurance. It is not talent, good looks or strength. Success is in how much we can persevere and stay for the whole course.