8 Things You Need to Become a Successful Speaker

There is a bright and dark side to public speaking. For some it is an interesting business, for others it is a task that reawakens their anxiety. While it may be frustrating to stand before an audience and not be able to communicate to them, you should understand that speaking could be a necessary evil for your career growth. You have to learn and hone this art if you want to become more influential and taking seriously not only by your peers but also by your followers. But not to worry, here are 10 things you can do if you want to become a successful speaker.


Preparation is a key ingredient in succeeding at anything you set out to accomplish. Whatever anxiety or speaking fears you have can be combated through a preparation process that is thorough. Do well to research and master your speech. When you prepare adequately, it will feel natural when you are in front of a group to make a delivery of your speech.

Watch Yourself and Others too

You have an instructive tool in watching a video playback of yourself in action or watching others who are good speakers. Watching yourself will make you realize certain flaws like over-gesture, slouching and a grim appearance.

You will get great ideas when you watch other speakers delivering a speech. Paying attention to seasoned professionals will make you have a grasp of techniques you can use to grab your audience attention.

Dress Right

Another thing that will keep you relaxed and confident before an audience is when you dress right for your presentation. What you wear will make an instant impression on them. You are not meant to show off your fashion knowledge, rather you should dress for the role you’re trying to portray.

Be early

One way to conquer your fears or anxiety of speaking should be arriving early at the location of your speech. This gives you time to get familiar with your audience and be relaxed before the occasion. You can also test any equipment you’ll be using to deliver your speech.

Enter with a bang

Your first words or sentences are important to grabbing and keeping the attention of your audience. Whether you’re telling a personal story or asking a question or telling a quote, take advantage of the first few moments you have on stage to catch the attention of your audience and keeping it.

Be personal

You should connect with your audience. No one likes to be observing a speaker who is reading from a book and not connecting with their audience. Your audience came to see you for a reason. They know you’re an expert or you have some knowledge that they do not have, however it still remains up to you to reach out and connect with them. So tell jokes, use imagery or simple grammar, the important thing is that you are communicating and speaking to their heart.

Be passionate

Somehow passion has a way of always impacting on an audience. When you are enthusiastic about the subject you are talking on you have a way of infecting your audience with your message. The best way to be passionate when you are on a podium is to be your authentic self. Don’t try to be another person but yourself. It is only when you do this that your energy will translate to your audience.

Ask for feedback

Some of the most established speakers do well to ask for feedback. When you ask various groups whether through questions, questionnaires or by anonymously completing a feedback form you are able to know what areas you need to improve on for future presentations.