5 Relationship Goals You Should Create With Your Partner This Valentine

Solid relationships are progressive. Milestones are reached when goals are set. And this simply solidifies your union. You can’t expect perfect results though as none of us is perfect, but you can have perfect hopes when you’re with the right one.

As Valentine approaches; this is the time to reassess why we are in a relationship and what we truly want from it. Yes what you desire could be love and happiness. But to attain these things mean more from you. Here are five relationship goals you should create with your partner this valentine.

Communicate more

Communication is a key to any healthy relationship. We all want someone who can listen to us, who can understand us, who can feel us and who can make us understand them. It works both ways, you want to be heard and you also need to listen. One goal that will set your relationship at a more steady and progressive pace is communication. And this should be a goal that you can easily set this Valentine.


The technological advancements of the 21st century are not helping couples to be more present in their relationships. There are the tablets, smartphones and laptops constantly seeking our attention. So you can be near someone and yet you are so far away. The way to gain someone’s trust and acceptance is to make them aware that you’re not so far away. You are in fact close to them in body and spirit. And the best way to attain this is to be attentive to their needs. Know their desires and focus on how you can meet these desires. To secure a better relationship you need to start being more attentive and present in your relationship. And this Valentine offers you the opportunity to do just that.


We all love surprises. We want to surprise someone and see the shocking expression in their face. The same works when someone surprises you. With surprises you know that the person surprising you values you. They see you as someone special who needs to be pampered and treated in a specific way. This Valentine should give you the chance not only to surprise your partner, but also to make it a goal to keep doing this to keep the relationship alive.

Saying the magic words

Some relationships would have worked out better only if couples were more cautious with their words. Perhaps if they said more of the right things rather than the wrong ones, the relationship would not only be alive today but it it’ll blossom. Couples are not saying the magic words enough. “I am sorry,” “I love you,” “Thank you,” “I miss you,” these are some words that will always soften the aggression of anyone. Yes we make mistakes, but how often are we doing well to either correct these mistakes or make someone understand our imperfections by saying the magic words.

Spend more time together

Yes there could be kids, there could be work, and there could be family. There are always distractions. But the strength of any relationship is in the ability for the couple to navigate through these distractions and make time for each other. You may not always be together, but even from afar a simple phone call could be the reassurance the other person needs.


Getting the ideal relationship is hard. You should not expect this by just wishing it, but you should be willing to work to make it happen. It takes commitment, effort and time. But if you are patient enough to make corrections and push forward, things could work out just right. And this valentine season could offer you the best chance to make that needed start to taking your relationship to a whole new level.


  • John


    I actually have a question about relationshipe with women. About 10 years ago I finally had enough of a woman I loved very much and had ben maried to for 7 years. She continually gambled or spent away all our money to the point we couldn’t pay the bills. I tried to get her to get help, as she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. She even wen’t to one counselor that alegedly told her she didn’t need meds that her use of Marijuana was ok to aasit her. I have been in medical practice as an Air Force Medic for 20 plus years at the time and new better. We just could not reconcile any longer.
    I had a female friend that helped me wioth a place to stay, renting from her a basement apartment and we would go out for dinner, movies and etc. We tried the romantic part and it just dind’t work. She helped me in a time of need and now we are neighbors in the country. Something we had both planned for and knew we would be close to each other.
    Now my delima. I moved from her place 5 years ago and since have become close with another femalke friend from several years ago. I am strongly attracted to the woman and thus far have just been frindly when I go back to my home town for visits with my family (Children, Grands, and Brothers and Sisters-in-Law. I could become romantic with this woman and she has even told me she would like to Marry me. I have not verbally reciprocated but am getting closer to her by the week.
    I have tried to come up with a heartfelt conversation that I could have with the woman I rented from and lived in her houshold with, as well as made relationships with her family, to tell her of my feelings. However, I do not want to hurt her in any way and would do just about anything including not fulfilling my feelings with another to keep her from mental anguish. I have played the scene out many times in my mind with no choice but just telling her. I know that is right and would never keep any deeper feelings from her. I just do not know how to not hurt her.
    P.S. I know she may take the talk ok. but I do not know how to do it honestly with tact and not hurting. We are both Seniors with previous mariages so I guess that should count for so resilliance on both our parts.


    • Interesting John.

      Thank you for reaching out.

      However by not taking a courageous decision of talking to your female friend you are hurting. Sometimes the happy choice is the best choice.

      The best person who can tell her you’re moving on is you. And that means as a man you’ve to step up. Yes it’s understandable if you still have feelings for this lady, but to embrace a better future, you have to be willing to let go of a past!