8 Reasons Why Falling in Love With Your Career is The Best Decision You Can Take

Sometimes it is not about loving. It is about being loved, wanted and appreciated. Love can be draining and disappointing if you are not getting a return on investment from it. But we still have to love anyways. Being in love makes us happy. The passion, enthusiasm and intensity can be inspiring. This is why it is important to love what is right and when it is right.

There is a difference between loving your career and another human being. Here is why loving your career can be a better decision than loving another human being.

It pays the bills

When you love another, you only give. They don’t pay the bills neither do you get any financial compensation from it. Even if you get a financial compensation from it because the person you love is rich and kind, you are not going to retain your self-esteem the way you are supposed to.

It makes you focused

Loving your career gives you focus and a formidable personality. People see you as someone who is aspiring for something and who can be worth something at the end of the day.

You have your self-esteem

You value yourself and your abilities when you love your career. You know that you mean something and you’re worth something. You love yourself and you know you’re representing something. It is hard for another person to love you when you do not have self-esteem. Loving your career means you want to make a contribution and fill a gap.

You have something to fall back on

When every other thing in life disappoints you, you have something to fall back on and gain strength in. Through any loss you can find direction with your career.

It makes you discover yourself

Your career is an avenue to learn. Through your career you can fulfill your potential and discover who you are. You know your strengths and weaknesses and what areas can serve you right in the long or short term. It makes you find your purpose and answer some fundamental questions of life.

It gives you energy

You are busy and strengthened as an individual. You are not simply living, but you are alive. Your career gives you pulse and energy. It gives you strength and knowledge. You want to discover, you want to be on top of your game and you want to pull through whatever obstacles it presents. With your career you have a reason to fight and own your world.

It makes you entertain new relationships

When you fall in love with your career, you create new relationships. You meet like-minds who are also career driven and want to be part of something. You understand that there is a world out of your career, but you can settle because loving your career means having new relationships that are worth something.

It is a place to contribute

Loving is about giving. And while you can love a woman or another being in a special way, loving your career is not exclusive. It is not about giving to just one person. In fact with your career your love is more impactful as you are focused on making a contribution to life’s progress. You are not simply waiting for things to happen, but you are going out there to make it happen.


While we are all distinctive in the way we love and what we want out of it, loving another person may not be the best direction to take sometimes. Rather, learning to find love in a different place from simply loving another human gives us something different. And sometimes we need a change in the things we do. Such change could be the defining factor for us.

  • Taj

    This post is spot on! I think loving your career will bring you anything you want in life. Like my dude Buckz said “Success First, Love Later!”