The ONE Reason Why Success Keeps Eluding You

As a teenager I always wanted to be successful. And this question pushed me on a journey to find answers about success. I wanted to know what elements were necessary to be successful. Yet I met many people who were not only intelligent, but talented, good looking and brought up in an ideal environment who were not successful. And this did not bother them.

For example my dad was a very brilliant man, he had everything working for him to be a success. Yet he would give me excuses and tell me how evil wealth was. To be successful at the end of the day was not a thing of talent, good looks or smartness. It was more.

Yes you have been chasing after success for all this while and you may feel frustrated or disappointed, you may have felt that you have everything working for you to be successful and it keeps eluding you.

Well you need a significant factor to make it to the top. And that is ambition. Ambition is a desire and a yearning. It is not a quality that is relative to talent, good-looks or intelligence. It is simply a feeling that shows how much you want to success. Talents, good-looks or intelligence are simply tools or raw materials that will help you achieve your goals. But with success, you need a key to unlock its doors. And that is what ambition does for you.

Ambition helps you persevere

You will meet a lot of challenges on your road to success. It is so easy to walk away from the mountain of obstacles because you are frustrated and disappointed. But ambition lets you focus on the goal and why you need to finish the race rather than being a participant.

Ambition makes you positive

Ambition makes you know that it will always turn out in your favor at the end of the day. Ambition makes you realize it is not so bad after all when you consider where you are coming from. Ambition allows you to see that life has so much more to offer other than negative results.

Ambition makes you creative

You know you really want to be successful, ambition helps you to be an out of the box thinker and to find ways to achieve those goals you really desire.

Ambition makes you cultivate better relationships

Ambition makes an individual despise being with people who lack this quality. When you are ambitious you nurture and only enter into relationships that will help you reach your goals. Any relationship that is not productive suddenly bores you.

Ambition makes you want more

Ambition makes you ask the right questions like how can you become more, how can you contribute more and make stronger impact. Ambition drives the desire not to stay comfortable, but you feel restless and want to do better or attain more goals. With ambition you are consistent and committed to a long term project.

Ambition makes you put in the work

There is no procrastination, or inventing of excuses for the ambitious. If you really want to be successful, you have to go out there and get it. Ambition makes you put in the work and accept responsibility of what happens to you. You are in charge if you are ambitious because you know what it means to be successful after all.

Ambition makes you courageous

To be successful you have to be courageous. Many people retreat because they lack this quality. However if you are ambitious, you will be willing to stand up and fight the fight for what you want.


We may not all be talented, good-looking or smart, but that does not mean that success is selective to this group. Success can be attained by anyone. It is dependent on how much you want it and how willing you’re to make a go for it.

Ambition could be the one factor that makes success continually elude you.