5 Lies They Tell You About a Perfect Relationship

There is nothing as misguiding as a popular lie. Many walk into relationships thinking that it is a bed of love and hope, and things would just work out perfect. But it doesn’t work out that way. A happy relationship requires constant effort and commitment from both persons involved. To attain this, one has to be aware of their shortcomings and strengths. You will fare better when you know what is expected of you by the other person.

There is nothing as awful as not knowing the terrain of what you are jumping into, and suddenly you are caught off guard because weren’t properly informed. By staying off these lies you will be better informed about what you need to do to make your relationship happy.

Love will take care of us just fine

Well, while love is important to the steadiness and progress of a relationship, love doesn’t pay the bills or take care of certain incidents that will arise. You should be able to take certain actions that go beyond saying “I love you.” Love needs to be displayed and if you really care about someone, you will want to be active for them. Everyone loves a partner who is willing to set personal and life’s goals. You want to be proud of your partner, and not have them as a burden or a source of constant worry.

You’ll understand each other

I still don’t get such premise, understanding another person is a difficult task, especially someone who comes from a different background and household. There are things a person would do to you that can be shocking or incomprehensible even after some months or years of being with that person. Rather than focusing on understanding another person, you should focus on acceptance and tolerance.

The other person can do me no wrong

Well the other person is human. And when I mean wrong it doesn’t mean the kind of wrong that seems insignificant, I mean the other person can wrong you in a way no other person has in your life. During the early stages of a relationship, members tend to be cautious and elusive. But with time you would find traits that are not so adorable in them. But yes you should be ready to forgive and ready to ask for it.

With time they’ll change

Why should you hang on to a hope that doesn’t seem real? You should also not appear to be a victim of your emotions but rather a master of it. You should understand that change is not a convenient act for anyone. Even when love comes to play, the other person can be selfish enough to expect you to be the one making the changes. People don’t just change, you have to be aware of who they really are and know if you can handle it or not. If change occurs on their path, then this becomes an added bonus to your relationship.

They will always miss me

No one misses you when you are not constant in their world. Just as your partner has learned to love you, he/she can learn to move on if you are not present in the relationship. This is why it is important to always be in proximity with the person you care about. When you’re close by, you can make your present felt in their world and they can see you for the partner who they want and who wants them. Yes you could be far apart because of certain factors, but we live in a digital age when there are so many ways to reach out and communicate with the other person. Your partner will always miss you though if you participate rather than neglect.