7 Signs The Person You Loved Is Never Coming Back

There is always that special person who got away. But we can only be responsible for our love-lives and what happens to us. We may have thought we needed to wait for a particular reason, or we wanted more from the other person or the person wanted more from us. It was not as if we didn’t love the other person, there were certain factors that meant so much that couldn’t make the relationship work out. And they went away.

But in their departure, we thought they would return. We felt that if they really mattered and felt the same way we felt for them, they certainly would return. We hoped that time would fix everything and make our relationships work and become perfect. Unfortunately it did not work out the way we thought it would.

Yes while we think that special person would come back to us, here are signs to show that the person you loved and who loved you will never become yours again. Here are 7 signs the person you loved and wished came back would never do so.

They moved on with their lives

Moving on with our lives and letting go of certain matters is essential to our happiness. Though we find it hard to do this, sometimes it is a necessary element in embracing something better for our lives. The people we loved must have learned this and done the necessary by moving on with their lives without you.

They knew they would do great without you

They didn’t need you to achieve their personal goals or whatever goals they had. They knew they would achieve great things without you. While you may have thought that you were indispensable to their progress in life, they thought otherwise.

They found someone better

Yes we are all unique in our ways. And we may have qualities that will always make us attractive to another human. But this doesn’t mean the person who loved you won’t find someone else who will be willing to commit to them in so many ways you couldn’t. Sometimes it is not in how much we had loved. It is in how much we are willing to tolerate and adapt.

They wanted something else

Yes we all change. Our goals, desires and expectations change, even as we grow. You must have been what they wanted in the past. But perhaps they want something else now. Such change makes them want to avoid you and never come back to you. It is not as if you never mattered to them, it’s just that they’ve grown and their desires have changed.

They were so far away

Yes they lost communication and any contact with you. While they may have wanted to return, certain circumstantial factors such as not being able to reach you came to play. They wanted to be with you, but they simply couldn’t contact you for that.

They became happier without you

Yes just as you were a reason for them to be happy, you were also a reason for their distress and constant battles with stress. While a relationship borne out of love could make you happy, it also comes with its challenges. Not every one of us is willing to deal with this. The person you loved became happier without you and found joy in something else.

They forgot about you

We live in a world of so many distractions. Not every one of us can deal with so much at once. Yes you were relevant at a point, but time and several engagements had a way of erasing the pleasant moments they had with you. Somehow they just forgot about you.