6 Things That Happen When You Know Someone You Love is Cheating On You

With love comes responsibility. If you love someone and you are in a relationship with them, it means you have to be committed to who you are involved with. Importantly, you want to be there for them, offering them the support they need, and you expect the same from them.

However there could always be some kind of failing in any relationship. And yes you could be the victim of being with a partner who takes you for granted and cheats on you. While you find it hard to move on, it is always important to be self-aware of what a cheating partner could do to you.

You lose respect for them

The best explanation for this is that respect is earned and should not be asked for. When you are in love with someone, you do not only adore them for who they are you also tend to respect them and want to be there for them. When someone cheats on you however, you start seeing them in a different light. You find it more difficult to respect them for such ignoble behavior.

You start experiencing self-doubt

You start wondering why you are not good enough or what you must have done wrong not to be able to meet the expectations of your partner. You ask questions. And while you try to self-examine yourself, beating yourself up doesn’t get you anywhere. The best approach is to strategically handle matters rather than deny yourself the freedom and happiness you deserve.

You start trusting less

Everyone deserves to be trusted. But sadly not many can be accountable enough for the belief we have in them. When you are betrayed by the person you love, you have more reasons to trust them less. Such betrayal of trust sort of hits at your relationship and gives birth only to other negative emotions like…

… Becoming angry

Anger only spins in because loving a particular person means that you are invested in that person in some way. You get angry because you know that you deserve to be treated in a special way by someone you love.

You develop resentment

Slowly, resentment and grudge creeps in. You are not only harboring negative emotions toward someone you use to love, you also start looking for ways to get back at this person. You feel betrayed and you seek retribution in some way. Such negative thoughts only make matters worse and most times it doesn’t give us the comfort or the satisfaction we desire.

You start seeking refuge

We are all designed to love. Most times we want to love and be loved. It is simply human nature. However when we do not feel loved in a relationship by someone who we used to care about, we start demanding for that love elsewhere. It doesn’t have to be in another human, it could be in a pet, in a career, or even in a secular activity. Being hurt by someone who we love sort of pushes us into searching for what we deserve somewhere else. It could be better this way, since you deserve to be appreciated and noticed. Rather than become caged or a victim of any emotions, we can experience the freedom we desire when we give love to things or persons that are deserving of our good nature.


At the end of the day, it is up to us to make the necessary choice of what to do when we are cheated on. We all have our strengths and flaws. And in a way each of us is unique and distinctive on how we respond to such matters. But we do deserve a happy life. And any choice that we make should be one that makes us happy and free!












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