8 Questions That Will Guide You To Making Smarter Decisions

Every day we are overwhelmed with choices. And with choices comes the need for making decisions.

Our success can be determined on what decisions we have to make. Successful people are great at making smart decisions. While decision making can be cumbersome the onus is on us not to see the pain in making the right decisions, but in factoring enough elements to make decision making our strength.

Here are 8 questions that could guide you in making smarter decisions.

Does my gut go with taking this action?

Our best decisions can be from following our instincts and acting accordingly. Our sixth sense or intuition has a way of warning us of any danger that lies ahead.

Is there a way this can be done in a simpler manner?

When you want to take an action, know how much effort you are about to put in before you get results. You don’t need to get yourself involved in an activity that involves a lot of complications. Ask yourself if there is a simpler way to accomplish certain tasks and get results? There is power in simplicity.

Is this something I am familiar with?

Are you really familiar or knowledgeable about a task you are faced with? There is no joy in what you are ignorant of. Even if you are ignorant about a particular subject, can you employ an expert or dig up more information before you take an action?

How much positive advice or support has been given on this task?

There is nothing wrong in seeking or soliciting for the advice of trusted persons. They could alert you to some angles you are not paying attention to. While this may not work all the time, since your support group may not have accuracy on a matter, having a support group of advisors could prove useful to helping you make smarter decisions.

What is the motive of the other person bringing this to my attention?

As humans we are all selfish by nature. So it is not unusual for certain persons to present an offering for a selfish reason. You should always understand the emotions of yourself and others involved before moving ahead with a decision.

Who benefits from the actions I am taking?

This question helps you filter your motives. It makes you aware and helps you know if you are motivated by a positive emotion or by a negative one. The benefit of an action could be detrimental or positive. It is always important to know what impact your actions will make, if it is going to be negative or positive.

Is there a short term consequence or a long term reward for this action I am taking?

We are always blinded by the immediate results that we do not pay attention to what is far ahead. The long term effect of an action could be more devastating or rewarding than a short term one. We should always know what the rewards or consequences will be, both in the long run and in the short term.

Am I willing to accept responsibility if this action fails?

You should be all in on a decision or all out. Your goal is to make a success of it. Anything short of becoming successful or making something out of it would be seen as you missing a mark. But it should not be about your aim and how hard you tried to hit the target, It should be about standing up to the plate and showing responsibility for your actions whether it was successful or not. Before taking a decision, be willing to show accountability for it. It will be a smarter decision for you not to go down that road if you are not willing to show accountability in the process.