14 Amazing Things Hope Does For Us

Hope is a beautiful thing. It is a yearning for the future and an acknowledgement that things will work out for your own good after all. Many people do not know or see how significant hope is for our personal development. And this post is for you.

If you are losing hope and starting to retreat because of despondency or despair, you have to start learning to fake it for these amazing reasons.

It gives us a home

Hope gives us shelter and rest. It makes us feel we have a place we can rest our shoulders on. The significant thing about hope is that when we come to it, it never sends us away.

It gives us peace

We can find sustenance when we have hope that things will turn out right. We can have reason to stay calm and wait for what belongs to us.

It gives us optimism

We can look at the brighter side of life and focus on what tomorrow will bring. We have a renewed perspective on life. With hope we can be positive.

We improve our self-esteem

Hope makes us stronger and builds our confidence. In times when we feel lax and down, hope energizes us and makes us have a larger outlook of those things we possess.

We are richer

Hope doesn’t take. It gives. It makes us value not only today but tomorrow. It makes us aware and richer.

It gives us joys

Hope makes us smile and free ourselves of the worries and negativities that this world bring. With hope we can recline on the tables of joy and satisfaction.

It makes us attractive

People with hope are people we want to sit and share moments with. No one wants to be around someone who is sad, despondent and depressed. Any negative feeling can be infectious. But not hope. Hope is attractive and brings other people to us.

It makes us find good cheer

We can be happy and have reasons to celebrate even for those things we do not have yet. Hope gives us good cheer and a reason to be with those who make us happy.

It makes us courageous

Hope can give you reason to fight and demand what is yours. A hopeful man/woman is a fearless person who is willing to get something for his/her efforts.

It offers you freedom

A hopeful person is free from the burden caused by negative circumstances. You are willing to embrace what is yours and shake off your troubles.

It makes you curious

Hope makes you want to know more or prod on a subject. You wish to search and seek rather than stay docile. Such proactive nature will certainly get you those things you desire.

It makes us thankful

You start realizing those things you have. Perhaps you had not noticed them before, but hope makes you grateful. Such reminder of the good things you have only helps you to find more out of life.

It makes us want to help

Hope makes us want to assist others. It makes us want to derive better meaning in our actions and impact the lives of others. We don’t just want to take, but also want to give. With hope there is no selfishness, only better reasons for you to share more.

It gives you eternity

Hope is limitless. There is no ending with it. With hope you can always have something to gaze at. And in whatever end we think might come, hope gives us a resurrection.


Hope should not simply be scoffed at. It is another factor for success and living a fulfilled life. It can help us embrace everything that will come to us.