9 Reasons Selfishness is The Path to Success

Yes there is a belief that being nice takes you to the zenith. But unfortunately there are a lot of factors working against your success if you try to please everyone but yourself. Great success stories have learned to define their paths by establishing an identity and doing what works for them.

Success could give you the happiness and satisfaction you deserve, but first you have to learn to put yourself first. Here is why:

You can only help others when you help yourself

You cannot be a success to others when you are not making the needed impact to the world that surrounds you. And you’re only going to be beneficial to the many that will look up to you when you help yourself first. Helping yourself first means you have to be selfish from the start and working hard to be on the track to reach your goals on your own.

You only have a purpose when you are selfish about it

When you value what you have you will learn the importance of guarding it selfishly. Anything of relevance is not common or banal and you have to realize this before you set out on your destination to success.

You value who you are

Success starts from within. To become successful you have to appreciate yourself and be confident about your abilities. This is a personal thing and not many people or individuals can connect with that except you.

You protect those things that matter

Not everything that comes to your world matters. It is only when you are selfish you realize this. When you realize the things that matter you treasure them more. And such makes you want to protect them and give them more priority. Selfishness makes you protect those things that truly matter to you whether it is your time, your resources or even your finance.

You are happy

You are satisfied, proud and fulfilled at any outcome that comes from your effort. It is a tough journey accomplishing your goals. But when you do, you feel accomplished and satisfied in doing the right thing.

You are responsible

Selfishness makes you more responsible. Rather than blame others for your misfortune, you are taking responsibility and doing what is necessary to reach your goals. Responsibility means more action and desire. You do not blame others but you are willing to take charge of your world.

You know what you want

Selfishness makes you pickier. Yes you know what you want and how to get it. Such offers you a laser-focus at your goals.

You establish better relationships

Being nice can be a screen to knowing who you should be with and not be with. When you are selfish towards your destination you can identify those who’re really willing to travel the journey of success with you. You know people who believe in you and want to help you. No one really likes a selfish person, but in that selfishness people can find a reason to stick with you or not.

You can follow your guts

Successful people know what it means to listen to their guts. Most times your guts can be the needed compass in knowing what channel and route to take to your goals. The thing about that gut instinct is that many people tend to ignore it because they are afraid of what others will think of them or because they are not convinced enough. Selfishness makes you see relevance in following your own desire and sustaining the inner strength to do these.


There is nothing wrong in being selfish, if it aims to achieve good for you and those around you. after all, are we not selfish creatures. But in the long run if you can ride over your selfishness, you will not only be happy, you would have attained the success you so desired.