Read This If You Want to Know What True Love Means

You cannot learn to love or even practice this sensitive emotional quality if you do not know what true love means. When you can relate with its practices, then you can really get the love you deserve. And what it if you do not get it, you would have discovered something you may not have discovered previously.

You cannot love if you do not love yourself

Love is an attitude. With it comes depth and maturity. You cannot love another person if you have not truly loved yourself, if you have not truly understood your being and why you are a part of the big picture. You have to start the journey of loving by loving yourself.

You become responsible

Love is an emotion that has responsibility attached with it. You do not love passively. You have to love actively and be ready to show it. You have to be willing to make that commitment to someone and be willing to follow it through.

It is not about getting

You may get something in return. You may get nothing. But in this you have found something special about yourself and the essence of the world you live in. Giving makes you happy and somehow it helps in the flow and chain of existence to give what you have to what is in it.

You may not be prepared for it

Not everyone is prepared for the suddenness of love. It is spontaneous and takes over you insidiously. But the feeling is not hurting; rather it is for the good of the one who is willing experience it.

It is forgiving

You have not learned to love or know what it means if you hold on to negative elements like grudges, resentments and bitterness. With love is a willingness to let go and find what is meant to be yours. It is a journey. And who says such journey will be perfect in an imperfect world. You have to learn to start letting go and moving on because you will make mistakes but love will help you pass through this by making you forgive yourself and the world around you.

It is awareness

Love reveals to you knowledge about your true self. You can say love is a filter that clarifies things to you. You discover and learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Love opens up a world you may never have seen or thought existed previously.

It takes courage

No one falls in love or experiences it without willing to take a chance on it. It takes courage to be in love or to experience that desirable feeling of being there for someone. It goes beyond the saying that you want to be in love, you will have to be ready to act courageously to find love.

It makes you see the richer side of life

They say with love all things are possible. When you fall in love, you become brighter and more optimistic. You see the richer side of life. You can find pleasures in the simple things and find reason in being here. We were made to love. It is in our being to. Sometimes we try to hide this need because we do not want to show any weakness or be a victim of anything we cannot control. However you can only experience the richness the world has to offer when you are willing to love and give a piece of yourself to those around you.


Writing about love betrays the subject of what it is about. If you want to know what love truly means, you have to go out there and experience it, rather than simply reading this.