12 Things You Should Look For In a Potential Mate

Commitment should be a highly valued proposition for anyone you want to make part of your world. While committing to someone could be cool, what of the other person’s commitment to you. How do you know it will work with this person and he/she will be the ideal mate or partner for you? Your decision should be based on certain signs you see now, not later. Here are 12 things you should look for in a potential mate.

Are they responsible?

Do they hold down a job or not? When assigned a task or a role, can they live up to the demands it requires? Can they show responsibility not only for their income, but also for their well-being and personal goals?

Are they trustworthy?

Are they people you can rely on? Can they be highly dependable? When pushed to the wall, how do they react? Trust can be the foundation of any relationship. The other person should be able to deal with you openly and honestly.

Are they positive?

When faced with dilemmas and objectives, what do they see? The hole or the doughnut? To help you navigate troublesome times and the roughs, you need and deserve a partner who sees the bright side of life.

Are they open?

Openness means adaptability and flexibility. Being open shows the other person is willing to resolve disputes and express their feelings. Your partner should be accommodating and tolerant.

Are they discerning?

Yes, being discerning means your partner understands. They are not overly critical and do not take every situation too seriously. If your partner is discerning they wouldn’t expect perfection from you, but will be willing to lend support to make the relationship a success.

Are they respectful?

Are they respectful to life, property and to other people? If they cannot respect in this three regards, they certainly are not good for you. Respect is fundamental to the success of any relationship.

Are they compassionate?

Are they willing to show compassion and contribute some good to their environment? You need someone who is willing to share and act positively to the world around them.

Are they humble?

This is the opposite of ego. Humility is a sign of leadership. Too much of it though, can be irritating. And too little of it can be dominating. Find a partner who can be humble in a balanced dose.

Are they patient?

Anything good takes time to flower? Any partner who is in a haste to get things done does not deserve you. Nothing wonderful or great happens overnight. Your partner should not be impatient but also consistent and practical.

Are they humorous?

Do they make you laugh? You may not consider this quality seriously, but you do need a partner who sees the smiles in the frowns. You need someone who knows how to make you laugh and be happy. You deserve someone who is quick to laughter and slow to anger.

Are they resolute?

Are they fickle or do their yes mean yes? You need someone who is stable and is ready to go all the way. When faced with decisions, they should be ready to mean what they say rather than being blown by the wind of indecision.

Are they passionate?

Passion is essential to your success in anything, whether it is sports, love or entertainment. You deserve someone who is fired up and is excited about doing something that will drive impact and value. When you have a passionate person around you, it means you have someone who is willing to make something out of nothing and bring joy and energy when everything around them is gloom and low.