10 Signs To Prove Your Relationship Is Rock Solid

Every solid relationship is built on something. It is not one that is birthed out of coincidence or selfishness. Rather something must have incited or triggered it, something with depth and sincerity of your motives.

A happy and satisfied couple is enviable to the eyes but it does take hard work and commitment to be one. When both members are willing to sacrifice and show genuine sense of purpose in being together it will be easy to reach that goal of being a perfect couple.

Close examination of where you are coming from and where you are headed as a couple can help you determine if your relationship is rock solid or not.

You communicate

There are no boundaries, you both can discuss freely and express what you think. The point is that you both feel appreciated in this regard as you feel heard and acknowledged in the relationship. Communication helps to build honesty, openness and trust in a relationship. It also shows the depth in your relationship and how willing you are to share your feelings for each other.

You disagree but you can settle

Disagreements can be productive and rewarding to a relationship if it is handled right. A rock solid relationship doesn’t have you calling your partner awful names but should present opportunities for you to understand your partner and express your true feelings. You want to make things right rather than dwell on wrongs.

You can accept the other person

You and your partner are imperfect beings. However you can appreciate each other’s flaws and work hard to strengthen them. It goes beyond accepting the other person’s flaws, it also means you are willing to love them the way they are.

You include each other in decisions you make

Every relationship can be successful if you understand that it is not just about an individual but two people who are willing to help each other grow. When making any decision you shouldn’t be selfish but be willing to make certain sacrifices so that your partner is happy. Even in small decisions you should include your partner’s take on it.

You trust each other

You can predict the other person’s action. You trust them and know that they are solid and consistent in their affection towards to you. There are no boundaries in the way you understand what they can do and what they cannot do. And if they misstep you can work to helping them correct their mistake.

You respect each other

It is not just about love or trust. Respect is also an important element in making any relationship work. If your relationship is rock solid, you will respect each other and be willing to see an angle to the other person’s desires.

You are wonderful friends

Friendship helps a relationship sustain its value. You can see the other person as someone you can establish intimacy with. You also appreciate what the other person brings into a relationship.

You have fun together

You should be able to surprise each other and offer entertainment to the other person. You should make them laugh and lighten up when you are with them. Don’t hold back, but let your relationship show authenticity and fun!

You say the magic words

In a relationship the magic words are never enough. No matter how intense any prejudice or difficulty is you can only manage such crisis when you say the magic words. Phrases like “I’m sorry,” “I love you,” “Thank you,” have a strong role to play in a relationship.

You establish intimacy

Yes romantic displays are important part of a relationship. You have to prove to the other person you see them in an intimate light. Cuddling, kisses, sex, such elements establish affection and intimacy.