7 Signs to Prove You Are Mentally Tough

To be a top performer you need to be mentally tough. While being mentally tough signals that you are willing to work hard and persevere in the face of adversity and struggles, you should understand that becoming mentally tough doesn’t happen accidentally. You need a special kind of fortitude and strength to stick to your long-term passions and goals.

Yes, people of average intelligence can be mentally tough yet the same principles apply to every type of person who desires success. Here are seven indicators to show you are mentally tough.

You have an innate self-belief that you will reach your goals

You are resolute and you are not shaken by naysayers. You know that despite any obstacles or challenges that you may encounter you will excel eventually. Somehow you know that you are prepared to do whatever it takes in order to achieve your goals. It is not as if you are not afraid, it is just that you are willing to meet this with decisiveness, courage and enthusiasm.

You accept responsibility

You are not willing to play the blame-game, but ready to take responsibility for your actions. You are connected with your emotions and feel that you should be in charge of whatever happens to you and not the other way round. You want to get results and you know it is fully up to you to go out and attain these results.

You are willing to adapt

You understand that for you to reach your goals, you may have to take indirect or unintended routes. Yet, you are willing to reach your goals and do whatever it takes to get there. It is not about throwing in the towel and turning your back on your desires, rather it is about persevering in the face of odds and sticking it out to the end. Thus you are willing to be flexible and committed to what project you are working on.

You are willing to think outside the box

New environments and new opportunities do not scare you or turn you away. Rather you enjoy being in such environments because it offers you room for learning and for growth. An environment that challenges you propels you to become innovative and creative, enough to spur you to find solutions rather than dwell on problems. Yes there could be a degree of risk or uncertainty in the process, but mentally tough people see such concepts and factors as a need to change and discover new approaches to difficult situations.

You learn from your mistakes

Yes you would make mistakes along the road to your goals as failures or mistakes can be an indication that you are taking action to get those things you want, however you are not willing to hide or excuse your mistakes. Rather you are prepared to learn from them.

You express gratitude

You are thankful. You know that you already have more than you need to reach your goals. Not having certain things does not give you reasons to exclaim or complain rather you are delighted in using what you have to meet your objectives.

You are solid and genuine

You do not need to pretend or act to be what you are not. You are solid and genuine. This is why you can actively collaborate and connect with those around you. You know that being around others and contributing to their success does not diminish your own achievements but rather gives you the opportunity to showcase your abilities. Yes mentally tough people are true to themselves and to those around them.

While we all desire to succeed you should know that you do not have to be born with the mental toughness. It is a trait that can be developed over time by focusing on such signs and key elements little by little.